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Tips on traveling from Delhi to Goa!

Goa !! The party capital of India! Filled with numerous party areas, amazing beaches, and real Goan restaurants, individuals from all over India and other countries flock to one of the hottest tourist destinations in India, all through the year. Goa is one of the most culturally extensive places in India, with architecture and elements from the Portuguese rule and beautiful Christian churches. Since we adore Goa so much, we have curated a few tips to get a budding traveler and even the more experienced ones.

Tips for Goa Trip from delhi

Tips on traveling from Delhi to Goa!

1) Things to Expect if you choose a Delhi to Goa flight.

If You will see, a flight to Goa will most likely be your preferred means of travel. But, rickshaws aren’t readily available in Goa unlike the rest of India. The only way of travel from the airport to the place you need to visit is by cab. Though traveling in Goa is comparatively inexpensive, taxis charge an exorbitant amount to take you to the place you would like to go from the airport. To be able to save money, ask other travelers and try to find some people that are going in precisely the exact same direction as you.

2) Goa tour Packages from Delhi.

If it Is your first time traveling to Goa, odds are, you will not be familiar with the many beautiful locations Goa has to offer you. Thus, we advise you to book a Goa tour package from Delhi. Most Goa bundles will cover these places but you have the option of deviating from such areas and customizing your package.

3) The Goan food!

Goa There are numerous great restaurants to select from in Goa with authentic Goan and Portuguese meals, served along with feni, the local drink usually with cashews as the main ingredient. Also make sure you test the smaller, locally-owned restaurants that’ll make sure that your taste buds tingle.

4) Explore Goa on scooters, not automobiles.

I am sure most of you are utilized to traveling around by car nevertheless, you will not have to explore everything in Goa by car. Most areas are only reachable by foot or scooter. Thus, leasing a scooter would be the handiest and most inexpensive option. You are able to rent a scooter for Rs 200–300 daily. Be certain that you carry your driving license to present in case you stumble across a checkpoint.

5) Require Good care of your security.

Even though Goa is considerably safer than other parts of India, and likely most of the world, it’s still prudent to be accountable for your own safety. Do not drink, smoke, or eat whatever that a stranger offers you at a party or in a club. If you are in need of assistance, ask the locals, they are fine and they will make certain you are safe.

We hope these tips help you when you’re traveling to Goa.

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